A Few Tips for Zen and/or Buddhist Practice

The most simple advice I could suggest for somebody beginning a Zen and/or Buddhist practice is to meditate everyday for 10-30 minutes. If meditation is easy for you, do it in the morning and evening for 20-30 minutes each time. If you can meditate regularly, you can do anything. 

After meditation, the next thing is to approach life as though the absolute most important thing is getting to understand your true nature. Your true nature is that bit of you that is the whole universe. You are able to experience that directly when you are not thinking. When you believe that the most important thing is understanding your true nature, then all the other important things that you think about, which may cause your distress, fall away.

Meditation is a focused time to build your mindfulness muscles. The rest of your time you use your enhanced mindfulness powers to pay attention to every thought and feeling that you have. When you see that your thoughts and feelings are just thoughts and feelings, you will stop sorting them into good feelings and bad feelings. They are just thoughts, which are part of your true nature, which is the most important thing there is. It is also wonderful.


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