A Sticky Subject

One pitfall of Zen is becoming attached to non-attachment. That can happen. Attachment is so sticky it can attach to anything. Letting go is a popular cure for attachment. Letting go is simple if we are not attached. If we are attached to something, letting it go is virtually impossible.

With love, we often try to get over one attachment by forming another. That works. It doesn’t address attachment, but it can address a particular attachment. Love forms strong attachments and breaks others. When we lose love, we can become attached to the loss of love. That is heartbreak. It is equally as difficult to live with heartbreak as to let it go.

Non-attachment will not overcome attachment. Non-attachment is what you feel for baseball if you are a football fan. You couldn’t care less. The ideas of impermanence and eternity help with attachments. Everything changes all the time. That is impermanence. Everything that we have experienced happened as it happened. That is eternity. Now, we are having a new, completely different, perfect, eternal and impermanent experience. If it seems like our perfect experience sucks, then we are attached to sucking. That experience will suck for eternity, but our experience is changing.

As we notice our experiences, and the attachments of the moment, we have an opportunity to let go. We may come back and pick up the attachment again later, feel that special kind of suffering or joy, notice the attachment and let go again. All those moments exist in their own eternity. When we are confident that they will always be there, we can let them be.

If we get attached to non-attachment we spend eternity trying to grab impermanence.  When we experience the impermanence of the eternal moment there is nothing to attach to anything. Play ball.


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