A Way We Go

In looking for the way, we each go our way. We get all these ideas about what the way looks like. We see pictures of people, in love, on mountaintops, or beaches and we believe they have found the way. We read about writers sitting in cafes and believe they have found the way. We imagine people dancing freely around fires and under the stars, not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow. Everywhere we turn, we encounter images of people and places that inspire peace, confidence and awe in us. We get a glimpse of people who seem to have found the way through existence. Compared to those beautiful, inspiring, static images, our own way of doing things and experiencing the world can seem dull. If our way is too dull or problematic it can even become depressing.

The way we go is not so dull and depressing. It is dynamic. It is constantly changing. There is no happily ever after, because ever after keeps unfolding with each moment. That is our way. What is behind us is the way we have come. What is ahead of us is an incomprehensible number of possibilities. In each moment, all we can do is choose a way. Then, away we go.


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