Abundant Love

The world is full of love. If you are looking for love, don’t bother imagining that special someone who will knock your socks off. Look for love. Love is abundant, you can see it anywhere you look.

If you go to a mall or a grocery store, you will see all kinds of people shopping in love. You will see parents with children, couples, friends and single people. They may not even notice that they are expressing love, but they are. They may not all be happy, they may be bickering, but they are also expressing love.

If you watch people anywhere, you will see people demonstrating love. We love each other.   Children are most skilled at expressing love, so if you’re having a hard time noticing people expressing love, just look at the children. Children feed on love like plants feed on sunlight, so they wear smiles like leaves.

If you watch people and look for love, you will see it everywhere. If you make a habit of seeing love everywhere, you will be filled with love. When you are in tune with the world’s abundant love, everybody seems special and it’s not that easy to keep your socks on.


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