Depending on where we are, we act differently.  When we are at a party, we act happy.  When we are at a funeral we act sad. When we are driving it is socially acceptable to act like an angry jerk. When we are at work or school, it is okay to grumble a bit.  Generally, we are expected to act happy.  Knowing how to act in these different environments is second nature to us. It is so second nature that we tend to just follow the script. All of the different situations in our lives have prescribed emotions to go along with them. This is how we act.

If we weren’t conditioned from birth to react to all of these situations as we do, our lives would be very different. If we weren’t conditioned to avoid pain, we would not have to act happy in public.  If we weren’t taught to hide our emotions, we could all cry like babies when we get boo-boos.  The way we act is an unconscious contract that was made for us by society.  When acting the way we act makes us feel terrible, we should remember that. If we pay attention to how we really feel, we don’t have to worry about how we should feel.  We still have the option of acting from our hearts.


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