Agony and Ecstasy

To fluctuate between agony and ecstasy is wonderful when you are feeling ecstatic. Of course there is a down side.  Agony really hurts. Nobody wants to feel agony. If we know that there is an opportunity to feel ecstasy now, we will gladly agree to feel agony later. That is a good deal for now, but we will live to regret it.  This is life. We will feel agony and we will feel ecstasy, but we rarely get to choose when.

A sign of maturity is the ability to delay gratification.  A mature person will choose to feel agony now with the promise of ecstasy later. We also do not get this choice. The choice we get is to feel or not whatever we are feeling now.

If we happen to be feeling ecstasy now, how fortunate.  If we happen to be feeling agony now, all is not lost. Agony hurts the most when we try not to feel it. If we are experiencing agony and we try to wish it away, if we try to pretend it is not happening, it will persist. If we see our agony as our present feeling and surrender to it, it may just lead to ecstasy.

Agony and ecstasy are essentially the same feeling, they are both intense. It is our perception that makes one good and the other bad. Just as we should not try to hold on to ecstasy, we should not avoid agony.  Happiness is somewhere in the middle.


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