Already There

The reason we don’t strive for awakening is that awakening is a state of non-striving. When we are looking to be something more than what we are, we miss the fact that we cannot be anything more. When we want to feel whole, that wholeness includes all of our wounds, scars, insecurities, fears and doubts.

We live life on two levels. There is a relative level and an absolute level. Awakening is noticing the absolute level. On the absolute level we have already died and have not yet been born. We are all connected there like fingers on a hand. Awareness of the absolute is like a fire that consumes everything on the relative level. When you are suffering on a relative level, it is natural to strive to recognize the absolute level so that your problems will all be consumed. That is unnecessary because on the absolute level, your problems are already consumed. They are part of the wholeness.

It is fine to strive on the relative level. You can set goals, make plans, experience success and failure, happiness and sadness, insecurity and contentment. That is what to do in life on the relative level. The absolute level is more like a net that is always there. Acrobats don’t look at the net when they fly through the air. They don’t strive to hit the net. Knowing that the net is below them, allows them to strive to amaze and thrill.

When we strive for awakening, we are imagining that we only exist on the relative level. Our suffering and desire to end our suffering fuels our imagination. If we look into our suffering, we see how we are thinking that this is good and that is bad and there is somewhere else we should be.  When we stop striving to be spiritually somewhere else and just rest right where we are, we notice that good and bad and here and there are relative. In order to notice that, we need to be right where we are. When we notice that, we don’t suddenly go anywhere, we are already there, absolutely.


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