Alright not All Right

So much of our worry comes from hoping nothing will go wrong, ever. Things will go wrong, but you will be alright. It certainly won’t be all right. If you are prone to worry, stress and anxiety, something is wrong, but you are alright. Even when big, important things go wrong, you are alright.

Being alright, does not always feel alright. It often feels like something is wrong. Even if it feels like things are generally alright, one small thing going wrong could upset that balance and it will feel like things are all wrong all over again. It’s not all wrong. It’s not all right. That’s alright.

All right is a ridiculous ideal. All wrong is just as preposterous. Things generally hum along mostly right. You get your food, you get your shelter, you love people and people love you. That is all right. Right? It is not perfect though. The food you eat is not always the most nourishing. Your room doesn’t protect you from your feelings. The people you love don’t always behave as they should. The people who love you don’t always treat you as you would like. That’s alright.

Life is lived between all right and all wrong. There are no right and wrong feelings, there are just feelings. If it feels like things are all wrong, you need to remind yourself that you are alright. If it feels like things are all right, good for you. You’re alright then too.


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