Anxiety Awareness

When you learn mindfulness, you learn to  focus on your breathing and to observe your thoughts so that you can find peace in the present moment. Breathing is the great tool of mindfulness because it is always there and it has a physiological connection with relaxation. It is beautiful and peaceful. When you are not thinking about your breathing it is still there for you, just like your essential goodness.

Anxiety is another great tool of mindfulness. It is not always there, but it is always right next door. When you are cruising along with your life and feeling peaceful, suddenly anxiety springs itself on you and breaks you out of your pleasant mood. There is nothing pleasant or welcome about anxiety. If you liked it, it wouldn’t be anxiety. Feeling anxious can bring you into the present moment as effectively as breathing. When you notice yourself feeling anxious, you are present. You are whole. You are all that you can be, and you are anxious.

When you engage with your anxiety and mix it with your breathing and observing your thoughts, you gain a sense of control. Each time you encounter your anxiety with your breath, you can observe what happens to it and to you. You will learn something each time you try this.

When your anxiety has nothing more to teach you, it will go away. That will happen every day, for the rest of your life. Over time though, anxiety will hurt much less and when it pops by for a lesson, you will be able to exhale it and return to your peace.


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