Anxious Habits

Anxiety comes and goes. When it comes too often and goes to little, it becomes a problem. When it stays around too long, it makes more problems. It can be very creative. It can be very persuasive. It creates things to worry about and persuades us that these things need our urgent attention.  Those things that need our attention will get our attention without the help of anxiety. It can go.

To deal with all the coming and going, it would be helpful if we had only a single door, with a lock, so that when anxiety left, we could just lock the door and be done with it. We have many doors. If we close all the doors, anxiety comes in through the windows. If we close the windows, it comes in through the vents. If we close the vents, we suffocate.

There is no point in trying to close out anxiety, so we need to learn its habits. We need to learn to see where and when it comes and see how and when it leaves. While we’re at it, we see what it does when it’s there and where it goes when it’s gone.

Once we get to know anxiety, we no longer feel the need to lock our doors. We notice when it’s there, we notice when it’s not. We don’t hope for it to leave, we don’t worry it will come back. We do what we need to do. We breathe easy.


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