Are You What You Were?

I get the feeling that I am not what I used to be.  I have always thought of my self as me.  I go though life and do stuff and feel stuff and think stuff.  Each of my experiences becomes a part of me. I have done things that make me proud and some things that make me ashamed. These experiences seem to enhance and diminish me.

Recently, I have been feeling that these experiences, good and bad, are not me. Those things that I experienced when I was a kid were not experienced by me, but by a kid who resembles me.  That kid is now gone, vanished, yet he still casts a shadow, which is something like what I am now, me.

Each moment changes me, transforms me. When I type the final period (‘.’) of this post, I will be a shadow of the me that typed the ‘I’ at the beginning of this post.  You, having read this, have changed from this experience. Period…


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