When you sit down to meditate, you have arrived. It takes a lot to sit down to meditate. You have to come to the belief that meditation will create change in your life. This belief has become so strong that you actually put it into action. You may be full of skepticism, full of hope, beside yourself with boredom, or desperate for peace. Whatever your state of mind at the time, when you sit down to meditate, to see what it is all about, at that moment, you have arrived. You have turned a belief into action. You have taken a concrete step to invite peace into your life. You have moved to end your suffering and suffering in the world. You have come to the point where you can just allow things to be.

If you are going to Paris, it doesn’t matter if you take a bus, plane, train, or walk. When you get there, you have arrived. When you sit down to meditate, you are face to face with yourself and with the world. How you get yourself there, or where you go from there is something else. Each time you meditate you arrive.

If you have been meditating for 20 years or never, the act of sitting down to meditate is an act of faith. Whatever faith leads you to sit is realized the moment you do. If you sit to realize enlightenment or to waste 10 minutes of your life, whenever you try, you are there, every time. Welcome home.


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