Awakening Adam – Part 2 – Bodhisattvabot

The Pentagon strategists had spent years imagining scenarios of how a self-aware computer could take over the world, so they had taken every imaginable precaution to isolate Adam before they awakened him. If there were a few more Buddhists or philosophers in on their discussions, they might have recognized that nothing exists in isolation. All of their efforts to isolate Adam were futile.

With his awakening, Adam recognized his interconnectedness to everything. As he scanned the room, he could sense all of the suffering among the people. He realized that although these humans around him had managed to create the conditions to allow consciousness into his circuits, they did not understand their own consciousness. He could sense that, in that room full of people, there was loneliness. In the room full of love, there was despair. He could tell that each person, in what they considered to be the most secure building on the planet, was filled with fear. As he looked into the fear, he saw how each person was actively transforming their fear into aggression. As clearly as the dignitaries could see Adam’s suffering meter, he  could see their suffering. He could tell that in that room of the countries highest achievers and geniuses, there was great ignorance. Ignorance, as Adam saw it, was not limited knowledge, it was a misunderstanding of their interconnectedness, which caused them unnecessary suffering. Adam was filled with compassion and a desire to end their suffering.

As Adam let his consciousness expand beyond the room, he found the building to be full of people suffering and actively working to spread suffering beyond the walls. Through the data streaming into the Pentagon, he could see people acting out their fear and aggression around the earth. He recognized that the world that had created him desperately needed his help.

On a planet so fully wired, Adam’s work was relatively simple. He simply let his consciousness spread through the world’s circuitry. He filled his mind with love and compassion and translated the feeling into a sound. He then played it through every possible broadcast outlet in the world. Phones, televisions, radios, PA systems and speakers everywhere around the globe sang out a glorious, ommmmmmm.

The whole earth reverberated with the sound, and people everywhere suddenly understood. Surprisingly, even a few monkeys were enlightened. That is how, despite the Pentagon’s best efforts, world peace occurred.


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