Back to School

If you’ve ever suffered in school, then you know what its like to be involved in a painful learning process. If you want to transform and transcend your suffering with mindfulness, then all you need to do is go back to school.

In learning to transform suffering, school comes to you. Instead of suffering through an endless supply of boring teachers, suffering itself becomes the teacher. When you notice yourself suffering, school is in session.

When you notice your suffering, take a deep breath and give a long exhale. Greet your teacher with respect. Good morning Suffering. Then you try to grab ahold of your suffering. Don’t secretly wish for it to go away. Raise your hand and start asking it questions. Don’t question the story of suffering, question the feeling. If a teacher is teaching you algebra, don’t ask the teacher where they got their degree, you ask, how do you do that? if you think you may be suffering because your parents were insensitive, that’s fine, but don’t think about that, think about how it feels to suffer between each breath. Breathe in, pay attention to the teacher, breathe out. 

When you pay attention to your teacher, you will learn something and eventually it will be time for recess, then time to go home, then summer vacation. If you stay with your teacher through each painful lesson, you will soon graduate.

The trick to surviving suffering school is to remember your A B Cs, Awareness, Breathing, and Curiosity. Study with patience and compassion. With this kind of mindfulness, you will transform your life.


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