Beautiful Mirror

You don’t have to look in the mirror to see that you’re beautiful. It is probably easier to see your beauty by not looking in the mirror. When you look in the mirror at yourself, you tend to see your ego. You see your features and you have all kinds of ideas about this or that feature. Even though you are filled with beauty, you may look at a mirror and miss it entirely.  To see beauty, you have to be a beautiful mirror.

Being a beautiful mirror is simple. All you have to do is recognize beauty. If you see a flower and think that it’s beautiful, you are a beautiful mirror. If you taste a delicious bit of food, you are a beautiful taste mirror. If you enjoy hearing a song, you are a beautiful sound mirror. The world is full of beauty to reflect. The beauty is not in the flower, food or music, it is in you. Without you, the flower is just a flower, trying to be beautiful to a bee. The bee may see beauty too, but that beauty is in the bee.

As a mirror, you also reflect the ugliness of the world. That’s what mirrors do, they reflect. Because you reflect ugliness, that does not make you ugly, it makes you a beautiful mirror, reflecting what you encounter, Beautifully.


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