Beautiful People

You are a beautiful person. I hope you don’t have any doubt about that. If you have doubts about that, I hope those doubts are fleeting. If you have lingering, nagging doubts about your beauty, then you must flush your mind.

Worries about your beauty are more about your sense of self than about beauty. You have a self and a Self. Your self is what worries about being beautiful. Your Self is beauty and ugliness and love and hate and past, present and future all in perfect harmony. When your self feels disconnected from your Self, you may worry that you are not beautiful enough.

When you are being your self, you may see beautiful people and want to be them or possess them. You may think that being loved by a beautiful person would fill your soul. You may think that if you were more beautiful, that love would come easy to you. When you are being your Self, you will see a beautiful person and know, that person is also you. In fact, you will see nothing but beautiful people. You will see beautiful people suffering, and you will be filled with compassion and love them with all of your Self.

When you see beauty, whether as your self or Self, that beauty is your perception. You perceive beauty, and that beauty fills you. For that instant that you perceive beauty, you are only beauty, nothing else. It is sad that an instant later the beauty may be squeezed out by envy or longing. If you notice envy or longing interfering with your perception of beauty, then you are your Self, perceiving a beautiful person, your self, suffering. When you notice yourself suffering, don’t punish yourself. Treat yourself with love and compassion, as you would treat any suffering, beautiful person.


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