Becoming Beauty

Becoming beauty, is deeper than putting on makeup, but it is the same thing.  Beauty is more than our appearance, so just decorating the surface is not enough. Your daily ritual of preparing your face for the world, making yourself beautiful, or presentable, can be part of your practice of becoming beauty. If you are preparing to go out, you may try on a few outfits, look critically at yourself in the mirror and judge, judge, judge what you see.  You may hurl numerous unspoken insults at your body while you appraise yourself and how you appear.  There is no need for that when you are becoming beauty.  When you become beauty, you connect with beauty in everything, as a reflection of the beauty in you. Then, preparing your appearance for the public is more like an artist’s experience, delighting in the medium, and revealing the obvious.

Beauty is not just prettiness and pleasantries, it is your essence.  Becoming beauty, is only being yourself, becoming you.


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