Befriending Ego

Ego is a difficult entity to befriend, because Ego is hard to identify and it causes you problems. Ego aligns itself with your personality, and will project itself differently in different situations. Ego will be one thing with your friends, another thing with your parents and still another when you are alone. Ego will try to keep you off balance by building you up one moment and knocking you down the next. Ego wants both to be seen and to hide away. Anyway you turn, you run into Ego.  Because it is everywhere, it is hard to see. Because it causes you so much trouble, it is hard to befriend.

Ego causes you trouble by being the root of all of your problems. Ego is the one that screams, why me?, whenever anything bad happens.  Ego doesn’t bring on your problems as much as turn the events of your life into problems by personalizing them. Ego will also cause problems by convincing you of the need to lie or cheat or belittle others, but most of Ego’s work is causing you to worry about anything related to you.

The reason to befriend Ego, rather than get rid of Ego, is because getting rid of Ego is not something you do.  Ego must leave of its own accord. It won’t leave until you befriend it. To befriend Ego, you must be alert for Ego and learn its tricks. Look for Ego in your pride and shame. Notice it when you feel really impressed with yourself or really down on yourself. That is Ego. Although you are impressive, you are not impressive because of what you do. You are impressive because you are.

When you get used to watching Ego, it becomes amusing. Then, Ego is your friend. Ego will never really leave, it will just lose its influence. 


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  1. Maxwell

    To kill our ego would be to kill apart of ourselves I think, the ego is like a sceard child it can be spiteful and horrible but also encouraging,it’s very confusing life but never the less beautiful

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