Being Confused

We live in a world where everything contains it’s opposite. How can we not be confused? We interpret reality through three pounds of meat in our skulls. How can we expect things to be otherwise? With confusion as our basic experience, it makes sense to fall into self doubt and depression. When we suffer like that, instead of naturally enjoying the splendors of the world, people and we think that we are confused. Of course we’re confused.

There is freedom in confusion. Recognizing our basic confusion gives us the freedom to look again at our situation with a fresh perspective. When we are suffering, we can look into our suffering and see what element of our confusion has contributed to our conclusion that things are so bad. We might see that things that we imagine are impossible are actually possible for us. We may see that things we think are likely, are actually impossible. When we embrace our confusion we can feel free to ask what, and why, and how, just like we did when we were small children and everybody expected us to be confused. As children we were more interested in what and why and how than we were in pretending that we weren’t confused.

Suffering brings a bit of certainty. This is how things are and so it hurts. The confusion in that certainty is the door to transformation. What is that hurt? How are things? It’s hard to know.


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