Being Enlightened

If you were to become enlightened, you could experience a profound sense of inner peace, a connectedness to all living things and immense compassion for other’s suffering. This experience would present itself to you and change your outlook on life from that moment forward. It would change the way you think of yourself. It would change the way you perceive others. It would change how you interact with others. When you understand how everybody suffers, and recognize that they don’t even understand why they are suffering, you naturally want to help guide them out of the darkness. You feel joy in your life.

Becoming enlightened is like winning the spiritual lottery. If winning the lottery is your goal, you have to buy a lottery ticket. If becoming enlightened is your goal, you have to be enlightened. Your odds at becoming enlightened are much better than winning the lottery. Enlightenment is your natural state, you just have to fall back into it.

Falling into enlightenment can happen at any time, or never. If you want to become an enlightened being you shouldn’t wait for that spark of realization to change your life. You should just act as though you are enlightened. When you interact with other people, be kind and compassionate. Recognize their suffering. Act as though inner peace is your natural state and take whatever comes your way as it comes. Speak the truth, because that is all that matters. You can go about all of your regular business as an enlightened being, keeping in mind that peace and harmony are more important than most regular goals. When you notice yourself suffering, feel compassion, because that is what everybody else is feeling too. It helps you practice compassion. You can offer your suffering to the world in the name of peace.

It can be a long, hard road to realizing your enlightenment. In the meantime just be enlightened.


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