Being In Love

Love connects us all. Whether we like somebody or not, we are connected to them through love. The love that connects us knows no limits. We don’t have to be in the same room or same country as a person to love them. We can love people while they are awake or asleep, alive or dead. Such is the capacity of love. We love all the time. We are loved all the time. We are beings in love.

Sometimes we forget about that. Sometimes we think that love is a delicate and rare commodity, that we can give and withhold it according to our moods. We think it comes and goes, that it happens to some people and not to others. When we think that way, we worry that it might not happen to us. We worry that we can lose love. We feel separate, alone, unloved, unlovable. That is confusion.

When we find somebody special to love, who loves us, we fall in love. That feels great. It is hard to know though how the other person experiences love. We may feel intense love and begin to doubt if they feel the same. That feels awful. Then they say something or do something that confirms how they feel. That feels great. Then we worry that something might have changed, or doubt their motives. That feels awful again. Then they reassure us that they love us and we feel great again. That checking, checking, checking, can be exhausting. It can get in the way of recognizing the love that carries on, unphased with those ups and downs.

Figuring out how to love and who to love is part of what we do. Loving beings is what we are. It is helpful to remember that whether we are in-love or not, we are in love. Being aware of that, feeling the comfort and peace that comes with that recognition is always a nice place to be. Being around people who help us to recognize where we are is also wonderful.





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