Big Self, Little Self

We are fortunate to have two selves, a big Self and a little self. Our big Self is like our soul, the universe, the mystery, God, Buddha Mind, Original Nature, the Tao, or the way. Our little self is just us. Our big Self takes care of our little self like a doting grandmother. When we suffer our big Self suffers. When we rejoice our big Self rejoices. When our little self is lost, our big Self knows right where we are.

When we forget about our big Self, we inhabit our little self. As our little self, we feel like it is us against the world. Sometimes it feels like we are winning. Sometimes it feels like the world is winning. When we are our little self, what we feel can seem overwhelming, unmanageable, huge.

When we forget about our little self, we are just our big Self. Then, we have no worries.


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