Birthday Suit of Armor

When we are born, we come into the world ready for battle. We are pure trust. We are so trust we don’t even know we trust. The world just takes care of us.

As we grow, we learn not to trust. We create armor for ourselves. We learn to protect ourselves so we won’t be hurt. Then, even in our armor, we hurt.

We still have our birthday suits, but we only break them out on special occasions. Mostly, when we are by ourselves. That joy and freedom, that our birthday suits used to inspire, has been lost. Instead, we present our armor to the world, a false front that can take the blows that our true self is too delicate to survive.

Our True Self though, can survive anything. Our strongest armor is the armor we were born into. When we can trust in the world to take care of us, we can be free to be ourselves. If we remember that our greatest protection is an open heart, our armor will not keep the world out. We can go to battle, in our birthday suits of armor, helping others to remember trust.


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