Bitter Irony

The way to be happy is to be comfortable with being unhappy. The way to gain knowledge is to be comfortable with not knowing. The way to become comfortable is leave our comfort zone. It’s no wonder we get confused and lose ourselves.

The direct route to happiness is the indirect route. Our most natural habit is to pursue happiness. We see something that we think will make us happy and we run after it. Happiness loves that game. It just runs and runs ahead of us. When we stop chasing happiness and immerse ourselves in what we are doing, happiness tends to stop running and come to us.

Although following your desires will bring you happiness, fulfilling your desires will not. Desire itself is a form of pain. The most obvious way to release the pain is to satisfy the desire. The less obvious way is going after the desire rather than the object of the desire. Observing the pain of the want, the discomfort, will lead to an understanding of yourself. Understanding your Self will lead to happiness.

Sadness, boredom, discomfort, wanting, and not knowing are all good places to begin the practice of understanding yourself. That practice will invite happiness. When you understand that you don’t understand yourself, you will begin to understand your Self. Your Self bubbles over with a delightfully bitter joy.


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