Born Again Zen

In Zen, every morning when you wake up, you are born again. Also, every afternoon, evening and night is an opportunity to begin anew.  In the morning, after a good night’s sleep, is a good time to start your next life. You may wake up with worries from your past life, wondering how you will deal with the challenges you imagine for your day. As you transition from the warm womb of your bed into your morning routine you can see your brand new thoughts, and feel your fresh emotions. If you are not full of wonder, then you are habitually living your past life. Fortunately, when you recognize that, you have been born yet again into the present moment. Your grungy mood is in your past.

Each moment you are aware, you can see the world through a baby’s eyes, with no separation between what is you and what you see and hear. That is the wonder of being born. As you go about your day, you may forget about your life and die for the bazillionth time. Then you notice your breathing, notice a sudden smell, feel warm or cold, and be born.

There doesn’t have to be anything particularly special about your rebirth, just being aware that you are here and it is now is enough. Happy birthday.


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