Breathe Out

Meditation begins with a long out breath. Once we are seated, determined to meditate, we breathe out all of our worldly concerns and just meditate. If we have a lot of worldly concerns, we may have to breathe them out several times. If, as we meditate, our concerns return to us, we breathe them out again and begin meditating again. The ability to breathe out our worldly concerns is a tremendous power. We all have that power.

We don’t have to meditate to recenter ourself with our powerful exhale. We do it naturally whenever we get a sense of relief. We sigh, or say “whew” (which is just an out breath wrapped in a word). We can also do it whenever we need a sense of relief. Whenever we feel too much tension building in our body, when our worries and fears are filling our minds, we can breathe it all out with a long, conscious out breath. When we breathe it all out, our body knows that everything is all right. Then we can breathe in and begin life all over again.

It is important to remember our ability to reset our systems with our breath. We become anxious when we are not getting enough oxygen, and we don’t always get enough oxygen when we are anxious. We may worry about this or that and forget to breathe. When we notice ourselves suffering from our cares and concerns, we can breathe them all out. As we breathe out mindfully, all is well.



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