Buddha, Religion and Truth

In religion there are gods. Buddha is just a person. Jesus was also a person, but people think of him as a god. Buddha was an explorer and a teacher.  He explored himself to find the root of his suffering.  When he found it, he taught other people how to find it in themselves. Buddhists come in many forms. You do not have to be a Buddhist to learn from Buddha. If you suffer, Buddha offers some practical ways to ease your suffering.

People’s ideas about religion sometimes get in the way of understanding a more basic truth. Religions compete for the right to describe the truth. The truth is that the Truth exists beyond all religions and philosophies.  There is a way that things are. Things are a certain way. Something is happening. We are all witness to that something happening. We are all a part of what is happening. What is actually happening is difficult to comprehend.  As we all try to comprehend what is happening it is helpful to look at different perspectives. Buddha offers a perspective.

To learn from Buddha you do not have to reject the ideas of your own religion. The only idea you may have to reject is that you cannot learn from Buddha. As you explore your relationship to the Truth, some of your ideas about religion, love and life will be discarded. If you follow a Buddhist path you will come to the path with ideas about Buddha and Buddhism.  As you learn, grow and explore, these ideas will change.  As you grow closer to the Truth, it will help you drop ideas that cause you and others harm.

Nobody, not Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Bob Marley or Albert Einstein, can give you the Truth. You must experience it for yourself. Religions are helpful and also counterproductive. It’s up to you to determine the Truth. When you know the Truth, you will know.


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