Like a net catches butterflies, mindfulness captures emotions. Once you capture a butterfly you are free to examine it.  It is the same with emotions. If you cast your awareness around your emotions, you can observe them. By observing your emotions, you transform them.

When you get caught up in your emotions, you become the butterfly, stuck in the net. You don’t know why you are stuck, you just know you are stuck.  With mindfulness, you examine the net. You recognize feeling stuck. You feel the feelings that are trapping you. You notice that you are in a net. By experiencing the net, you become the net.

With your mindful net, you can catch butterflies all day long. Each thought or emotion that lands on you mind, you can capture and examine. You can make a collection of happy, sad, angry, scared, and joyful butterflies. After examining and appreciating each butterfly, you can release it.

The more you use your mindfulness net, the more joyful butterflies you will capture. As you let them go, feel the freedom.


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