Can You Love Somebody…

Can you love somebody who doesn’t want to be loved and who won’t love you back?

Love is a force. You can’t really stop it, all you can do is channel it. If you love somebody, you love them. That is all you can do. If you think of a conflicted parent-teen relationship, that is a good example of crazy love that is neither accepted nor returned. A parent loves their child and a child loves their parent no matter how that love is expressed. That love is the basis of life.

Romantic love is different. If you find yourself loving somebody who doesn’t want your love and who doesn’t seem to love you, then, without doubt, you are in a pickle. You can’t exactly not love the person, because you love them. If you can not love them, then don’t. If that is impossible, then you have to figure out the best way to love them.

You should try to make your love huge. Think of love like a fishing net. If your net is small, when you cast it, the fish will panic. If your net is big, the fish will swim around and look for a way out. If your net is huge, the fish may notice the net, but find contentment within it. If your net is open and spacious, the fish may find comfort and security in the net without being confined at all. The net doesn’t mind if the fish is in or out.

As you indulge your love for another person, pay attention to what you expect and what you want in return. If not getting what you want causes you distress, then your love is too small. It is very difficult not to grasp at love. To love big, love like the sun. Shine and shine and love what grows.


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