Using capitalization to point beyond the ordinary meaning of a word can be problematic. The device is a kind of shorthand. It’s helpful when talking about the self and Self. Whenever I capitalize a word like that, I’m talking about the same thing, Self, Self Nature, Buddha Nature, Buddha Mind, Original Mind, Ordinary Mind, Original Nature, Don’t Know, Don’t Know Mind, Good, God, Truth, True Nature, the One, The Tao, the Way, Etc. These are all problematic concepts, so it is appropriate to use a problematic device to point to them.

Another problematic idea is the idea of an unintelligent universe. If we consider ourselves to possess intelligence, how can we think of the universe of being devoid of intelligence? We live in a good/bad, intelligent/stupid, meaningful/meaningless world.

To come down on one side without negating the other side is problematic until you resolve that problem. Trying to resolve these concepts can fuel your meditation right to the point of breakthrough, acceptance, enlightenment, assimilation. No Problem.


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