Walking In Sanity

Please come with me. Let’s walk in sanity.

We walk on words, step, step, step, word, word word.

We breathe in sanity. In and out, In and out.

Just walking, just breathing, we rest in sanity.

Simple, spacious, sanity. All around us,

All around these stepping stones.

Step, step, step. Back to where we began.

Come again. Come often. Please.


Super Power

When I was young, a friend asked me,

If you could have any super power, what would you want?

I said that I would want the power to make everybody love me.

I thought that would make my life wonderful.

Now, I think I would rather have the ability to love everybody.

That’s more like a regular power, so I work on that.

My life is wonderful.

But if I could have a super power,

I would transform everybody’s suffering into peace.

Then everybody would love everybody anyway.

It would also be fun to be able to fly.


Be You, Tea Full

The scholar and the Zen Master sat down to have some tea.

The scholar called the master out, “What can you teach me?”

The master offered up a cup and he began to pour.

When the cup was full of tea, the master poured some more.

Tea spilled out upon the floor, the scholar yelled “Hey stop!”

“The cup is overflowing, you’ve filled it past the top.”

The master called the scholar out, “How can I teach you?”

“Like this cup is full of tea, you are too full too.”

The master makes a mirror of the mind with his mess,

Using overflowing tea to evoke emptiness.

If you find that in your mind there is an awful lot

And you wish that things would be, somehow, how they are not;

If you think you could be more, or should be something better,

Then pour away, masterfully, and watch the floor get wetter.

If you can see, essentially, what it is that’s you,

You will see beautifully. Be you, tea full, and true.



Springtime In New Jersey

Springtime in New Jersey is all topsy-turvy

With snowstorms and hailstones and sleet.

The flowers are found snugly underground.

The birds have stayed south, where there’s heat.

The bugs and the bees are not in the cold breeze,

But swarming inside by the fire.

Winter will try to hang on ’til July.

Some old men, don’t know when to retire.

That is not the design of Grandmother time.

So as Winter, bare fisted, fights clocks

She sends March marching in for a blow to the chin

With a swing called the Spring Equinox.


Mind Your Mind

When life becomes a grueling grind,

And circumstances seem unkind,

A simple remedy you’ll find

Is to stop, and mind your mind.

Your thoughts are thinking things for you,

Who you should be, what you should do.

The thoughts assure you that they’re true,

But they have left you feeling blue.

So blue is where you must begin,

Because blue is the mood you’re in.

Take a breath, hold up your chin,

Observe your mind’s incessant din.

The chatter chattering away,

While you’re at work, or while at play,

Creates your mood for you each day.

 So mind your mind. Mind what you say.

To beat the blues out of your heart

Feeling blue is where you start.

Breathe in blueness, breathe out art.

Breathing bluely, truly, smart.

The chatter bathed in true, blue light

Cannot avoid mind’s watchful sight.

Though it will try with all its might,

Mind’s mindfulness will hold the night.

Blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, green,

Behold the colors of the scene,

Behold the stillness in between

Your thoughts of what the colors mean.

When your blues have turned and run

And life begins to feel like fun,

From rising moon to setting sun,

Your mind’s mind minding’s just begun.


This Way Please

Come with me, along this path.

Together we will go.

You and I, heart in hand,

Forgetting what we know.

In love’s abiding light,

We let the world wiggle by.

Step by step, breath by breath,

We wander, you and I.

Sunshine’s song serenades.

We taste eternity.

Grateful for another day

For you to be with me.



The here and now and there and then

Place time and space right where and when.

When when and where are here and now,

We may wonder why and how.

How and why can confound, but

The thing one wants to know is what.

What is it that’s here and now,

Pondering on why and how?

Whichever way we look we see

The depth of the Great Mystery.

With confusion core to me and you

We wonder then, what should we do?

When tired sleep, when hungry eat,

And be kind to all we meet.


Word Weaver

Words wriggle like worms through grooves in the ground,

Thoughts thinking through troughs in our mind.

They delight and inspire or ignite fearful fires,

Which can burn us in ways most unkind.

Words teeming and streaming day and night in our heads

Tell us just how we think things things are being,

But when the words’ ruts don’t align with our guts

They prevent us, the word weavers, from seeing.

The words say it is so, when, in fact, it is not

And because it is us, we believe them.

When the words’ lies, cloud over our eyes

We passively weave and receive them.

Yet we, as the weavers, believers, conceivers

Have powers that words can’t describe.

We are the source, so can alter the course.

We can tack when the words want to jibe.

As we attend to our word weaving ways

And amend any harmful conception,

We feed fuel to our fire, choosing words which inspire

Our joy in our basic perfection.


The Blind Date

The Ego and the Egoless went out on a blind date.

Said the Ego to the Egoless. “I see you see I’m great”.

The Ego spoke of all the things that made the Ego proud

And pointed out the special times it stood out from the crowd.

The Ego also toed the line of social grace and style.

It ordered food and drink to please the palate with a smile.

The Egoless enjoyed the show, the games the Ego played.

Observing all attentively, the tales told and traits displayed.

The Ego faced the Egoless and began to scramble madly.

The face of endless happiness switched to feeling sadly.

The Ego wept and wondered why it’s been so misunderstood.

The Egoless again observed, assuring all was good.

“Ego you’re impressive, I can see that you are great.

“I see that we were meant to be. Thank you for this half blind date”.

The Ego, in meeting the Egoless, just suspected what had started,

So the Ego arranged for a second blind date, said goodbye and then departed.


Expecting Joy

At the party they all sat.

Jane, Joe, Judy, John, Josh, Pat,

Amy, Angel, Freddie, Frank,

Natasha, Sasha, Sean and Hank.

No gloomy girl or bored boy

Suggested a game or picked up a toy.

They all sat around expecting Joy.

Joy was planning to attend.

She loved to be around her friends.

She also loved the sunny sky

And sounds of seagulls flying by.

She liked to smell the springtime breeze.

She stopped to climb the climbing trees

Then hung there, swinging by her knees.

She passed several joyful hours

Skipping stones and picking flowers.

She forgot about her invitation

Joy found joy not expectation.