Certain Doubt

Being certain has certain limitations. If doubt creeps in, the bottom could fall out. That’s what makes doubt so wonderful. There is no doubt about doubt.

If you fall in love, you don’t have to be certain that it is the right love. It is fine to fall in doubtful love. When you are comfortable with doubt and welcome doubt, the doubt becomes more certain than certainty. Doubt is fluid. It recognizes that everything changes. If you demand certainty, doubt drives you crazy. If you want a certain love and you are not loved in a certain way, you will begin to doubt the love, you will doubt yourself and you will become uncomfortable.

If you fall in a doubtful love, you will love just as fully, but you will be open to what happens. When doubt creeps in, you welcome it. The doubts confirm your love, because you are in a doubtful love. You can even doubt your doubts.

If you look for certainty, you will become certain about your fears and your fears will be your reality. When you maintain a certain doubt, you don’t have to be cynical, you just recognize that things are not only as they appear. Then you can look with wonder at how they do appear. When you welcome doubt and explore your doubts you fly, because you allow yourself to fall with no ground.


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