Even when life sucks, we are afraid of change. Especially when life sucks, we are afraid of change.  When life sucks, we get comfortable with just how it sucks and we worry that if things change, life may somehow find a way to suck more. When life sucks, how could you expect it to get better?

When life is good, we are less afraid of change. When we are feeling well, we are better able to see the positive side of change. When we are feeling well, it is easier to imagine feeling well again after a change. We may still fear big changes because we are afraid of losing what we have. We may feel that life is good, but it is just teetering on the edge of horrible and any change could put us over.

When you don’t fear change, life is great. When you see that everything constantly changes, you learn to trust yourself apart from your situation. You may be rich today and poor tomorrow. You may be happy today and sad tomorrow. You may be sick today and healthy tomorrow. Whatever you think you have today, will be different tomorrow. When you learn to appreciate what you are, and appreciate that you will be something else tomorrow, you will begin embrace the change. Change can be delightful. When you adapt to the fact that everything is change, you find the joy in change.

If it seems like life sucks, see how it changes. Change along with life and you will find peace.


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