Clean Slate

Being able to start over is an amazing gift. Every moment gives us the opportunity to wipe our slate clean and start again. In each moment of our lives, we recreate ourselves. We have developed a pattern for what we think we are, so we replicate ourselves as faithfully as possible each time. Even when we are not happy with who we are, we make ourselves that way again and again. Even when we know exactly what and how we want to change, we recreate ourselves complete with obstacles to that change.

Each moment is a clean slate. We create ourselves with our actions. We create our actions with our thoughts. Our thoughts pour into us from a great abyss which is a Clean Slate. Our thoughts pour into our heads and rattle around creating emotions. Our emotions will tell us how we are doing. We will feel good, bad, or neutral. If we cycle through these feelings quickly, good, neutral, bad, neutral, good, bad, neutral, we can see how the feelings relate to the thoughts. If we get stuck in a rut, we will feel bad, neutral, bad, neutral, bad and it won’t seem to matter what we think, we feel the same way. That is when it is time to go back to a clean slate. Throw out your beliefs, wipe your slate clean and watch your thoughts pour in from the Source.

As you watch your thoughts pour in from the Clean Slate to your clean slate, only act on the thoughts that lead to good feelings and recreate yourself with kindness and compassion. If you find yourself in a rut again, do it again. You can do this a thousand times a day. As you get better, then you can do it a hundred times a day, then just a few times a day. When you get really good, you’ll see that you are just a clean slate and you won’t worry at all about reinventing yourself. You will continue to recreate yourself and each new manifestation of you will be filled with happiness.


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