Common Sense

Whatever it is that’s happening, we are constantly trying to make sense of it. There is so much going on though, that we cannot make sense of it. We try anyway. We develop an understanding that passes for sense. We compare our sense of things with other people’s sense of things and together we come up with common sense. Some aspects of our common sense are sensible, others are absurd. When we try to live our lives dutifully following the absurd aspects of common sense, we start to suffer.

We are told that if we work hard and stay in school, we will get a nice job and make plenty of money and be happy. We may do all these things, then notice that we are no happier than a person who made a Youtube video and got a gazillion views. Then common sense would tell us that fame and acknowledgement should make us happy. Then we notice that the Youtube phenom is in rehab.

Sometimes following common sense leads us to happiness, sometimes it leads us to rehab. Sometimes rehab leads us to happiness. The only common sense that can reliably lead us to happiness is our sense of taste, touch, smell, sight, sound and thought. Any two people can smell a rose and, although it will be a different experience for each of them, they will certainly experience a common scent. They will feel connected to each other and to the rose, and there will be a sense of peace in the experience.

When trying to live by society’s sense of common sense leads you into a place of suffering, you can recognize that you have been lead astray into an abyss of absurdity and bring yourself back to reality by observing your immediate surroundings through your senses. It can be a delightful bit of rehab. It’s quite sensible.


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