Daily Reminder

Like taking vitamins, its helpful to have a daily reminder that our problems are caused by our thinking. Thinking seems so natural and so easy, that if our thinking is causing us problems then it should be simple to change our thinking. It is not always so simple, and so daily reminders help.

If you read inspiring quotes or compelling arguments telling you that you are wonderful and your mind is powerful enough to change your world, then you may start to believe it. If you believe it, you may wonder why you can’t just do it. If you can’t do it, then it becomes difficult to believe it. If you can’t do it, then you are absolutely right to doubt that it is possible. In order to see that your problems are caused by your thinking and to change your thinking, you need a method. One excellent method is meditation.

In meditation you sit and pay close attention to your thinking. This way you can check to see if your thinking is causing you problems. Its like checking in your shoe for a pebble when your foot feel discomfort. Take a look at your thoughts. If you take ten or fifteen minutes a day to sit and watch your thoughts, you will find that from one day to the next, your thoughts change and your problems change.  Each day you sit you will see how you think and how you experience problems. You will see that they are related.

You need to do it every day, because every time you have a new problem you forget that your thinking is causing it.  When you stop having problems, you can stop sitting to remind yourself where problems come from.


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