Death Practice

If it were possible to practice death, we would all have tried it once or twice. If we each had a chance to experience death and continue living, we would have a renewed appreciation for life. If we could understand death concretely, we would not fear it looming on the horizon. We would no longer live under its spell. We would not grieve so desperately when others pass beyond. We would also not grieve each setback in our lives.   If we had an chance to peek behind the curtain, we would no longer imagine that we are separate from each other.

The world beyond death is not available to us in a preview, so we cling to what we know. We see that if I stub my toe, you don’t feel any pain, so we think that you and I are separate. If I stub my toe, I don’t feel any pain in my elbow, but I am sure that my elbow and toe are both equally a part of me.

Just as my birth is a part of me, my death is a part of me and you are a part of me. I don’t know for certain that a practice death would help us see through the confusion of our lives, but something as large, certain and unknown as real death is enough to contribute to our confusion. We don’t have to practice death to free ourselves from death’s spell. We just have to practice life. It’s all right there. It’s alright here.


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