Delightful Delusion

There is nothing more delightful than the idea of delusion.  We don’t like to think that we are wrong within our delusions, but if we are wrong about everything, that’s kind of funny. It’s like going around looking for your glasses when they’re on your face. You can get really agitated wondering where the heck your glasses are, then, when you notice them sitting on your nose, all of your former angst becomes funny.

If you believe in the idea of delusion, that we all might be living in some kind of dream, then you are on the path to waking up from that delusion.  You have woken up a little bit. If you follow that path to the point of full awakening, then all of your current problems will become cherished memories.

If you think back to your first crush, you can recall how you were over the moon and under the bus about somebody who you feel completely different, or indifferent, about now. You still enjoy the memory. That crush was a great experience. You are having a similar great experience now. You are immersed in a role that is totally convincing. Play that role with conviction and passion. It is a rich experience you are having. If your experience seems to be draining you, you can explore the idea of delusion and give yourself some space.

Your delusion is a wonderful part of your awakening. Experience it fully, before you wake up. 


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