Delusion is great, so long as we know it is delusion. When we know that our experience is best explained by considering it to be an illusion, then we are free to question everything. Reality becomes a giant question mark and all we can do is behold it and wonder what the heck is going on. That is liberation in the midst of delusion. The problem with delusion is delusion is our reality.

There is reality and there is delusion. Reality is real. Delusion is a jumbled together approximation of what is real. Of these two experiences, which best reflects our consciousness? How can we possibly know what is real? It’s hard to know for certain if there is a God or gods. It’s hard to know if what we eat is good for us or not. It’s hard to know if other people are being honest with us. Sometimes it’s hard to know if we are being honest with ourselves. This is our reality. This is our delusion.

We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with reality. We rank ourselves in relation to each other based on who knows what about what. If we are all deluded, then who is more deluded than whom? These are the kinds of dilemmas that living a life of illusion present. It’s okay not to know. It’s okay to wonder what’s going on. Although we may not know exactly what is happening, we can sense that it is special.


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