Delusions – Self and Other

If you want to imagine how delusion works, just look at everybody around you. You can imagine that you are not deluded and that you understand the Truth. Then, as you interact with the world, see how you are able to recognize how other people seem to get it wrong. They may wear clothing that is out of fashion. They may say things that make you cringe. They may be sad about something that you know is unimportant. They may think that they are ugly when they are beautiful. They may think they know things that they don’t. They may do things to hurt themselves or others, even on purpose. Because you know the truth, you can see how others’ way of seeing the world causes them to do these things. Delusion is everywhere.

Once you get comfortable with seeing everybody else’s delusions, then you can begin to see your own. You can begin by looking at an earlier incarnation of yourself. You can look back to an earlier point in your life when you thought you knew things. Now, you may know better, or at least differently.  It’s hard to see all that delusion around you and in you and not imagine that some is still happening.

Once you embrace the possibility of delusion in yourself and everybody around you, you are free to question everything. If something seems terrible, it may not be. If something seems wonderful, it well could be. Terrible and wonderful get all mixed up. When you see somebody else feeling terrible because of their particular delusion, you will be able to feel compassion for them, because you know a little something about how delusions work. When you feel terrible, because of your delusion, you can feel compassion for yourself. We are all small children in a big world, just trying to figure things out. It seems wise to act with kindness and compassion, at least until we know better.


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