The play is the thing. Our life is about drama.  Why do we love television, movies and theater? It’s about drama.  Drama is the best analogy for life. The story of the Buddha is a drama.  In that drama, we have a prince, who left his wife, son and life of privilege to experience the world of suffering. He followed a path of physical deprivation until he discovered an escape hatch to complete and total enlightenment.  That is a great drama.

We can learn from that drama. We can emulate that drama. We can revere the Buddha for having lived that drama. That is all a part of our own drama. The only way for us to experience the Buddha’s drama is for us to experience our own drama. Part of our drama is being exposed to the Buddha’s drama.  Part of our drama is immersing ourselves in the tumblr drama. Part of our drama is everything else in our lives. Our entire idea about who we are and what is important is a grand drama.

We are fortunate in our drama because we are the star. We are less fortunate if our drama is a tragedy.  If we are the star of a tragedy, we are in trouble.  We would do well to swap our starring role in our tragedy for a bit part in a comedy.

Many of us imagine ourselves living in a romantic comedy. We would like to have some trivial problems, find a beautiful lover, and live happily ever after. Maybe be would rather have the life of Buddha. The drama of the Buddha may be more obtainable than the drama of Friends.  You have a better chance of being a god, who, through disciplined awareness and behavior, can escape the pain of life, than you do of living with a group of close buddies, having wacky, amusing adventures and finding fulfilling, light hearted love with physically beautiful partners.

Your life is your drama. Your problems are real problems, but they are also imagined problems, hence the drama. There is a way out of your problems. The way out is cutting through the drama of your life and fully experiencing the actuality of your life.  Your highs and lows are emotions and thoughts. Your love is human. Your moods include sadness and struggle.  Your life should look nothing like a television show or a movie.  It should be much duller and far more interesting. You are buddha, but not the Buddha. You have friends, but not the Friends. All you can do is to experience your life.  If you don’t add too much drama your life will be happy.  


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