Dream On

The nature of delusion is that it is convincing. It is tricky to become alert to your delusion. If you think that you might be awakening, how could you be sure that the awakening is not just a fancier layer of the delusion? What if what you experience is actually reality? If you are not deluded, but just living in reality, then there is no hope of awakening. Dream on.

Fortunately, we can tell the difference between delusion and reality. Sometimes, when we dream, we can tell within the dream that we are dreaming. The dream feels real, but we can recognize we are dreaming. Even if we don’t notice we are dreaming when we are asleep, when we wake up, we know that we are back to reality.

In our reality, we can tell that most other people are kind of deluded. We know little kids are in their own world. The older generations also have their way of seeing the world. Every country in the world has a different view of how things are. People of different races, various sexual orientations, on different diets, and from the many religions all experience things from their unique perspectives. It seems so likely that our particular way of seeing the world will have an element of delusion to it. Yet that is reality.

Recognizing that you might be a little deluded gives you options. If you don’t like the way you are feeling, you can console yourself with the idea that things are not exactly as they seem. If you feel sad, you can feel your sadness. You can feel the richness of the emotion, while understanding that beyond the sadness there is peace and joy. There is reality and there is delusion. There is sadness and there is joy. Such is our marvelous dream.


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