Drugs, Consciousness, and Identity.

Using drugs and alcohol is one way to alter your consciousness with very little effort. Banging your head into a wall will also alter your consciousness, but that can hurt. If you like to experiment with your consciousness, you should be careful about letting the drugs become a part of your identity. Your identity should be more associated with your consciousness than with the substances altering your consciousness.

When people suffer from depression or other mental health disorders, doctors will prescribe drugs to alter consciousness, to try to help people feel better.  Some people will take these drugs as a practical measure to address their moods.  Some people will fight against taking these drugs because they reflect poorly on their self image. Illegal drugs don’t have that stigma until they become a problem.  People proudly get drunk and high and spend a lot of energy (money and effort and stamina) to obtain and use these drugs. The pride in using some drugs is the same as the shame in using other drugs. The drugs that alter your consciousness insinuate themselves into your identity.

If you enjoy using drugs to alter your consciousness, you should pay close attention to your relationship to the drugs.  You should notice your pride and shame.  You should notice your highs and lows when you are high and low. Keep your power. Be aware of who you are. Euphoria will balance itself with misery. Watch how this occurs and seek neither.


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