Dunk Tank

One reason that it is hard to get comfortable in life is that we are living in a dunk tank. We live our lives sitting on a plank above a tank of water, while kid after kid lines up to toss balls at the target that will drop us into the water. Each time a kid hits the target we are surprised. We get an instant to reflect before the plank drops out from under us and we find ourselves soaking wet again. Even though we know we will fall into the water, we get attached to sitting on the plank.

Life is all about change. Change is going from the high, dry plank into the water down below. Change comes constantly and relentlessly. In building a stable life for ourselves, we try to secure our planks and make our targets smaller and smaller, but no matter what we do, the kids keep hitting the target and the plank lets us drop.

If we sit on our board and worry about falling into the water, life is torture. Things will  change, we will fall. People will come and go from our lives, we’ll gain and lose jobs, we’ll go to sleep and wake up, we’ll be happy and sad. It’s hard to know just what our planks are, until they fall out from under us. We may get upset by the way somebody looks at us or how long a checkout line is. Bang, splash, our plank lets us down again.

Becoming comfortable with the plank, the water and the fall, is the only security there is. The kids throwing the balls are having a blast. Enjoy the carnival. Kersploosh.


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