Easing and Ending Suffering

To end your suffering, practice mindfulness constantly. To ease your suffering, practice mindfulness occasionally. Most people don’t believe that it is even possible to end their suffering, so they engage in practice to ease their suffering. Easing suffering is good too.  When you suffer a lot, a break is nice. When your goal is to ease your suffering, you can do that by satisfying your wants.  If you’re tired, take a nap. If you’re lonely, find a friend. If you’re bored, do something.  If you just need a break, take a break. It can be easy to ease suffering.

To end suffering you have to believe that it is possible to end suffering. When you believe that it is possible to end suffering, then you have to remain vigilant in your awareness of your suffering, so that you can see its cause.  You have to pay attention to your wants. You don’t just give in to your desires, you see what they are about and see how they contribute to your suffering. You have to pay attention to your mind.  If it is possible to end suffering by changing the way you think, then you have to watch your mind closely to see how you think.  Also, you have to pay attention to yourself.  If it is you that is suffering, you have to figure out just what you are. You have to determine what you want from yourself, what you think about yourself and what it is in yourself that suffers. That inquiry is a life long project, but if you pursue it whole heartedly, somewhere along the way, your suffering may stop.

Whether you seek to ease or end your suffering depends on your faith.  If you think it is possible to end your suffering, you will take one path.  If you think it is only possible to ease suffering, you will take another path. They may be the same path, but your belief will determine how you travel.


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