Effects of Anger

Anger affects all who are exposed to it. The effects are damaging. If you are prone to anger, you cause yourself a lot of problems.  You’re likely angry a lot.

If you’re angry a lot, it also causes problems for people around you. They either don’t like being around you, or they develop anxiety trying to control the circumstances that trigger your anger.  They can’t stop you from being angry, so they try to control randomness and that makes them nervous, anxious. You’re expressing your anger towards them adds to their anxiety.

If you are around somebody who gets angry a lot, you should know that you do not make them angry, even if they get angry at you. They get angry because they do not understand their emotions and they don’t know how anger hurts. Their anger hurts them and you.

Anger makes you feel powerful. It makes you feel right. It effectively subdues people with less power than you. To people with more power than you, anger makes you look mad.

These are some of the effects of anger.  If you study anger in yourself and those around you, you can add volumes to this tiny list. Anger comes from pain and it causes pain. Like any poison, it should be handled carefully and with awareness.


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