Effortless Effort

The things that you like to do, you do without effort.  You can accomplish a lot with no effort at all.  In this Western world, we have cultivated such a work ethic that we work for the sake of work. We believe in our bones that hard work pays off.  This belief can cause us to spend our lives being miserable and working hard to show what hard workers we are. We can get where we want without all the hard work. We just need to pay attention to how we work.

Effortless effort is not being lazy. It is not lounging about preserving our energy to do more nothing.  It is taking pleasure in what we do. Sometimes we will have to work and put forth effort, but if we notice how we work, how we become absorbed in our work, how we resist our work and how we enjoy our work, we will find just what works for us.

Effortless effort is discipline and mindfulness. It is not endless pleasure seeking.  It works though.  When you follow your passions and talents, you will be surprised how much you accomplish with no effort at all.


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