Ego Games

Egos love to play games. They make up all sorts of rules for their games and we just follow those rules. One of ego’s favorite games is Successful Self. It creates an image of success in our mind and we have to bend over backwards to become that successful person.

The tricky part about becoming a successful person is that the criteria for success constantly changes. Success could be being happy,  being smart, being rich, or famous. Success can measured in the distant future, near future, past or present.

As long as we play the ego’s game of Successful Self, we will experience the self-esteem highs and lows that come with that game. Sometimes we will be winning and seem quite successful. Other times we will be losing and can see all that success vanish, exposing us as complete failures. We can be wildly successful in a thousand different ways, but one imagined failure could throw the whole match.

The only way to win a game of Successful Self with your ego is to recognize the game. When you see the game and the ego and all the amazing and ridiculous things you have done to appear successful, you will notice that your True Self is an unqualified success. It has succeeded in winning and losing, and feeling, and loving, and even coming to recognize itself. Once you notice the ego’s game, you can continue to play it. You are playing with house money though. You can try to make yourself believe that you are not so successful so that the game remains authentic, but you will know that despite all the ups and downs you go through, the game is just measuring mountains with teaspoons. Success and failure are just games egos play.


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