Ego-Reflection vs Self-Reflection

Self-reflection is thinking about yourself. Ego-reflection is thinking about what you think about yourself. Your True Self is a pure being that is perfect just for being. It is a part of nature like the sun, a mountain, a bird or a flower. Nobody worries if a flower is wasting its time or wasting its life just being beautiful. It is the same with your Self.

We don’t generally think about our Self when we think about ourselves. We think about our ego. Our ego is an idea that we build about ourselves. It is generally built subconsciously by all the judgements we make over our lives. We incorporate our parents judgements, our friends judgements, society judgements and we come up with something that we think is us. With all those judgements we no longer see our basic goodness. We see a manufactured concept that is good if seen from one angle and bad if seen from another.

When we feel bad, we often look at ourselves from a bad angle, and we pile on bad judgements. We construct a bad ego. From a bad ego it is hard to see beauty without feeling jealous, or wanting to grasp it and incorporate into a sense of self. The ego continually builds itself, unconsciously.

Consciousness of the ego, lets it build itself consciously. When you notice the judgements that are harsh and negative, recognize that those thoughts are not building the type of ego that you need. Remind yourself that it is not you. When you notice that you’re measuring yourself against other people, that is more ego. That is not you.

When you see beauty in the world and simply appreciate it, without trying to grasp it or consume it, that is you. That is you reflecting and resonating with your basic goodness, without interference from your ego.


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