Ego Watch

When you suffer from social anxiety, it can be helpful to watch people’s egos. People’s egos look and act just like them, but they are not them, they are just fronts. The people behind the egos are something entirely different from what they present. Beneath the egos, the people you encounter are wonderful, loving beings just happy to be alive.  When you see that as the basis of the people you meet, then you can see how egos interfere with the expression of that loving joy. There is a lot of interference out there, which is why people can seem scary.

When you look at people beyond their egos you can see how their egos create suffering and confusion for them. When you feel the anxiety around people, you feel the same suffering and confusion from your ego. You are also a wonderful loving being, happy to be alive. When you don’t feel that, you can see the interference of your own ego. When you notice that suffering, watch your ego. See what you are thinking about yourself.

When you can see through other people’s egos, you don’t worry so much about their opinions of you. You feel compassion for them if they seem scary. That compassion can help you relate to the being beyond the ego, which will help both of you. When you learn to see through your own ego, you feel love and happy to be alive. Watch.


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